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The Verde Valley Water Users (VVWU) has teamed with Southwestern Environmental Consultants (SEC) to research the status of stream and well filings for landowners in the Verde Valley. SEC brings over 30 years of experience with water right and well filings to this project.

Why is it important that your well and surface water right filings are correct and current? The Verde River is part of the Gila River System adjudication, which has been in the courts for more than 20 years, and will determine the relative priorities and validity of water claims. Failure to file a claim could result in the loss of right to use “surface” water, which includes certain wells.
If the water right claims have been filed, are in the current landowner’s name, and the entries are correct, our report will document that information and no additional action will be necessary on your part at that time. Should we find discrepancies, which often happens, we will identify the sections in the claim that appear to have errors and provide an estimate of the fee to make the necessary corrections.

If you would like for us to research the water claims on your property, please call Jamee Reddell at 928-634-5889, ext. 4216 or e-mail her at jreddell@sec-landmgt.com.
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